President to dedicate Maluku DPRD building

  • Ambon (ANTARA News)
  • President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is expected to dedicate the Maluku Provincial Legislative Assembly (DPRD)`s new building next March, Governor Karel Albert Ralahalu said here on Friday.
  • "When Vice Governor Said Assagaff and I reported the latest development in Maluku to President Yudhoyono recently and asked for his preparedness to dedicate the DPRD new building, the head of state gave us a positive response," Ralahalu said.
  • Therefore, the governor had coordinated with the Provincial Legislative Assembly (DPRD) chairman Richard Louhenapessy and other officials to make the necessary preparation and report it to the president to set the schedule.
  • "The most important thing is that the president has expressed readiness to dedicate the DPRD new building here because it is a great privilege for the province to respond by making mature preparation," the governor said.
  • He added that besides dedicating the DPRD building, the president was also scheduled to officiate and to launch a number of development programs in public works, fisheries, maritime, and transportation sectors.
  • Meanwhile, Provincial Legislative Assembly Chairman Richard Louhenapessy gave a positive response to a breakthrough which had been made by the governor and vice governor by inviting President Yudhoyono to inaugurate the DPRD building.
  • "We have to take advantage from President Yudhoyono`s presence by asking for central government`s attention to the plight of 12,080 families at refugee camps following a three-year social conflict from 1999 to 2001," Louhenapessy said.