Inhumane Treatment towards Moluccans involving RMS flag incident

  1. To Whom It May Concern ------------------- Over, over and over again Indonesia through police (Detachment 88) and disguising army conducted savage treatment towards around 45 innocent Moluccans (in this case RMS/Republic of the South Moluccas fighters that involving in RMS flag incident started at June 29, 2007) up to now, in Detachment 88 custody. The same barbaric action also ever so often done by some of kind of terrorist and disguising army who is imprisoned together with RMS fighters at Waiheru penitentiary, Ambon city. On Thursday October 11, 2007 La Musa, La Alisia and Svanus Tuasun is an Official of Waiheru Penitentiary done Sort of electrocute towards six of RMS fighters aforementioned namely: Yordan Saiya Johan Saiya Arens Saiya Ruben Saiya Yohanis Saiya Daniel Akihary There has been a lot of time they (Indonesia’s doer) did the similarly dirty deeds to RMS’ prisoner. It is not exaggerated if I say that Indonesia’s police and army and whoever in charge as a guard is pretty yearning to do sadistic action against human rights. They are very enjoying if they have done persecuted acts. President, Minister, head of police, head of army and etc know exactly about those actions but just keep silent. THAT IS INDONESIA APPARATUS!. PLEASE DO SOMETHING THAT IS PRECIOUS TOWARDS MOLUCCAS HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDANT Source: RMS Homeland In Exile: CA, USA November 12, 2007 Transitional Government/FKM-RMS My best regard ------------------ SIGNED Dr. Alexander H. Manuputty Executive Administrator