To Excellency, Majesty and Honorable Sept. 28 2007

To His Excellency Secretary-General of United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon At New York

------------------ To Her Majesty The Queen of Netherlands Kingdom Queen Beatrix At Huisten Bosch Palace

------------------- To His Honorable President of Republic of Indonesia (RI), August 17, 1945, Jogya and its surroundings area Mr. DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono At Jakarta -------------------- With Regard -------------------- With all my humbleness, on behalf of one million and half of the indigenous South Moluccans, I am Alexander H. Manuputty who is in charge in fighting morally against Indonesia government come again pass by this letter with a view like this (I just take some of the facts) which is pretty important: ------------------- 01. Proclamation of Republic of Indonesia (RI), Jogya and its surroundings area: “We the people of Indonesia do hereby proclaim the independence of Indonesia, all matters pertaining to the transfer of power, etc will be carried out expediently and in the shortest possible time”. Jakarta August 17, 1945, On behalf of Indonesia people signed, Soekarno-Hatta, 02. United States of Indonesia (Federal State of Indonesia) is belong to the whole Indonesia people and not only for the benefit of RI = Article 3 Linggarjati Agreement: The United States of Indonesia shall comprise the entire territory of the Netherlands Indies with the provision, however, that in the case the population of any territory, after due consultation with the other territories, should decide by democratic process that they are not, or not yet, willing to join the United States of Indonesia, they can establish a special relationship for such a territory to the United States of Indonesia and to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 03. Article 2.2 Transitional Measure of Round Table Conference (RTC): Each component state shall be given the opportunity to ratify the final constitution. In case a component state does not ratify that constitution, it will be allowed to negotiate about a special relationship towards the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 04. Provisional Constitution of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia: Section 42: Pending the completion of the structure of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia as a federation of states of equal status and with equal right, the partners mentioned in section 2 shall possess equal right. Section 43: On the completion of the federative structure of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia the leading principle will be that the wishes of the populations of the territories concerned, expressed in freedom by democratic methods, shall be decisive as to the position in the federation ultimately to be taken up by these territories. Section 189: Each federal state would therefore be given an opportunity to agree to the constitution. However in case a federal state fails to agree to it, this state shall have power to negotiate on a special relation with the Republic of the United States of Indonesia and the kingdom of the Netherlands. 05. Muktamar Denpasar Bali December 24th 1946 of the Negara Indonesia Timur (NIT/Great East) in Section 5, paragraph 1 provides: “The State will afford the several national communities an opportunity for self determination by democratic methods and on the lines of regulations to be made by or on behalf of the Crown of the Netherlands in consultation with the State and will enable the communities remaining within the framework of Eastern Indonesia to lead their own national existence, including the right to have their own economic system. 06. The United Nations Commission for Indonesia (UNCI) or any other United Nations Agency shall observe in Indonesia the implementation of the agreements reached at the Round Table Conference (RTC). In other word: UNCI is a replace of United Nations itself which is responsible to what will happened and to what had done with regard to recapitulation to Indonesian Federation November 27, 1949 and its completion. 07. The Judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice for New Guinea, given on the 7th of March 1952: The Agreements were signed by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Government of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia, and by the United Nations Commission for Indonesia. The parties who have signed, not only to the agreements but to the obligations entailed. The parties who have signed must make legitimate efforts to enforce that to which they have agreed. 08. Indonesia in this case RI (Ir. Soekarno) violated the RTC with conquered the whole states (15) via military aggression started at march 1950 after recapitulation to the United States of Indonesia on 27th November 1949. 09. Decision Letter of South Moluccas Council, March 11, 1950, namely: The South Moluccas joint to the East Indonesia State (NIT)/Great East and Federal state of Indonesia conditionally, without prejudice to their right to withdraw from the NIT/Great East and Federal State in case the Government of NIT should fail to pay due regard to the interests of the South Moluccan. The NIT government at Makassar was officially notified of this decision and the then Prime Minister of Eastern Indonesia, the late Mr. Nadjamuddin daeng Malewa in his known political manifest of May 1947, expressed his high appreciation of this decision of the Council of the South Moluccas at one of the sittings of the Provisional Parliament of the NIT. 10. Proclamation of the South Moluccas’ Republic (RMS), April 25, 1950 in connection with aforesaid: “In order to comply with the positive will and demands of the people of the South Moluccas we hereby do proclaim the independence de facto and de jure of the South Moluccas with the political structure of a Republic without any political connection with the Negara Indonesia Timur (Eastern Indonesia) and the Republik Indonesia Serikat (Republic of the United States of Indonesia) on account of the fact that Negara Indonesia Timur (Eastern Indonesia) has proved unable to maintain either, its position as a Federal State in accordance with the Denpasar Regulations still in force or the Decision of the Council of the South Moluccas taken on March 11, 1947, whilst the Republik Indonesia Serikat (Republic of United Satates of Indonesia) is at present acting in violation of the Treaties made at the Round Table Conference and of its own Constitution”. Ambon 25th April 1950, for the Government of the South Moluccas: signed, J.H.Manuhuttu, President; A.Wairisal, Prime Minister 11. Indonesia in this case RI (Ir. Soekarno) annexed RMS through military aggression during thirteen years (July 13, 1950 to December 3, 1963) henceforth build the Unitary State of Indonesia (Negara Kesatuan/Neo Colonialism of RI), August 15, 1950 that is the worst than original/ever. 12. The Netherlands Prime Minister Drees impressed by public feeling in the Netherlands, where it began to dawn upon the people that the agreements of the Hague Round Table Conference were being flagrantly violated, even made bold to send the following telegram to the Indonesian Prime Minister Mohammad Natsir on 4th October 1950,…………..but the RI redoubled its efforts to overrun recalcitrant Ambon as soon as possible. Indonesian Government likewise informed Prime Minister Drees that the South Moluccas affair was an internal matter. 13. The tenth day of October the UNCI received a reply to their letter dated 6th October to Mr. Moh. Room LL.D. Foreign Secretary of Indonesia. In this reply Mr. Room states that the Indonesian Government regrets to be unable to consider the appeal of the UNCI to cease military operations in the South Moluccas. 14. Two reports had come in from the UNCI to Security Council of United Nations; one dated 11th October 1950 concerning a situation in the South Moluccas, while there is certainly not a situation but a dispute. The other report dated 28th 1950 had only been circulated among the members of the Council that morning where it concerned the mobilization and repatriation of the Dutch troops in Java. According to the points aforementioned, then the righteousness is coming out obviously: 01. Proclamation of RI Based on Atlantic Charter and also by Human Rights Covenant that said: “All people shall have the right of self-determination”. With respect to this, all people in the world understand it. 02. Both proclamation were the same even the proclamation of the RMS has a more value than RI because its proclamation based on the Council which is established of, by and for the South Moluccans, it is representative, democratic and legally, whereas RI declared by at will. At least, there were only two Republic in Indonesia Archipelago namely, RI, August 17, 1945 Jogya and its surroundings area and lawful/the best of RMS, April 25, 1950. Strictly warning to His Honorable President of RI, August 17, 1945, DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wherein the fact remains that we (the Moluccans) are not separatist by virtual of each proclamation history (RI and RMS) and the whole things above said. That is why Please return the South Moluccas Republic (RMS) Sovereignty immediately, because it is inviolable and there is not an iota of mistakes in it. 03. By virtue of Article 2.2 Transitional Measure of Round Table Conference (RTC), it is patently clear that the Round Table Conference Agreements gave the Moluccas people the prerogative to refuse incorporation into the Republic of the United States of Indonesia either by exercise of a negative vote in a pre-incorporation plebiscite or by refusing to ratify the Provisional Constitution. 04. The South Moluccans never definitively joined the Republic of the United States of Indonesia and moreover its representative body proclaimed the Republic of the South Moluccas before the present Indonesian Republic existed, it means that the RMS has never had any constitutional relations with the latter and thus there can be no question of a domestic/internal matter. This point must be an underlie reason and underlined as the only point to bring, to open, to discuss and to settle the RMS case in the body of United Nations. This is a privilege of the South Moluccans. One more important thing that the RMS case is still becomes a pending case during May 5, 1971 up to now. 05. Point 8 and 11 above mentioned is a starting point to bring terrible alteration in Indonesia from peace to become specter thus far just exclusively of Soekarno’s/Javanese acquisitive. 06. UNCI have taken side into Indonesia with saying situation instead of dispute on that moment, because if UNCI report the really occurred in South Moluccas namely:”Dispute” then security Council of United Nations shall take action in accordance with United Nations Charter article 2 verse 7; article 12, chapter VI and VII in place of do nothing. 07. It is lamentable that the Government of the Kingdom of Netherlands at that moment regardless about what they have already known, because they are a stockholder of the entire Indonesia including South Moluccas and they are the only colonizer on South Moluccas territory which is know exactly in advance that the South Moluccas is a Nationhood and Nation-State irrespective from others hence they must support, gives a good way and stand behind the South Moluccas’ free willing in lieu of keep silent. ---------------------- Base on what had been pointed out aforesaid then The main etiology of Moluccans suffering and miseries until now is merely consequence of Soekarno’s greedy and likewise inasmuch as indifference, indiscretion and discriminative action of Netherlands Kingdom and United Nations towards eligibility of the South Moluccas. ---------------------- Incessant facts at hand in South Moluccas: 01. The refugees is keeping displace. 02. The victim of Harganas (National Family Day) has been achieved 45 merely indigenous of Moluccas with an inhuman treatment. 03. Police job in South Moluccas just hunting, arresting and torturing even killing the indigenous Moluccas civilian that is innocent. 04. Transmigration from java was abounding mainly in South Moluccas. 05. Looting of the Moluccas’ natural resources is nonstop. 06. Discharge towards Moluccans Government official and employee at any other company that suspected as RMS. 07. The needy more and more, which there has reached tens thousand head of family. 08. Thousands of Indonesia’s Army and Police and also Jihad warrior is coming down nonstop to South Moluccas, concentrated at west seram territory while part of them scattered. 09. Court ruling towards terrorists in South Moluccas stated get off scot-free whereas the victims of flag incidence in Harganas has been convicted tens year. 10. Gradually genocide of Indonesia Government towards Moluccas indigenous people is still going on by all manner of dirty means. 11. And the like. ----------------------- There is not any word like this: that the United Nations and the Kingdom of Netherlands must be soon opened the RMS case and returned the RMS’ Sovereignty to the rightfully people because “All people shall have the right of self-determination”, and it was implicitly that the Moluccans have the right of self-determination, wherein it has really done. We the Moluccans appreciate the annual assembly of United Nations on the last two months (September and October 2007) and crashing expected good future for the Moluccans, with reference to our RMS’ sovereignty, which should be discussed in it. Last but not least, we the Moluccans entreat to the whole receiver of this letter stated as copy distributed, please put your healing touch towards the suffering of the Moluccans, please open and settle our case. This is the deeply Cry Concerned of the Moluccans in connection with what has happened brutally upon us, ours natural resources and especially upon our RMS State all this time. ---------------- God Bless you all. ----------------- Source: RMS Homeland ------------------ In Exile: CA, USA September 28, 2007 ------------------ Transitional Government/FKM-RMS My best regard ----------------- SIGNED ---------------- Dr. Alexander H. Manuputty Executive Administrator ------------------- Copy distributed to Honorable: ------------------- *President of the United States of America Mr. George W. Bush At Washington DC, USA *President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy At Paris, France *Queen of United Kingdom At Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom *Pope Benedict XVI At Vatican, Roma *Prime Minister of United Kingdom Mr. Gordon Brown At London, United Kingdom *Chancellor of Germany Ms. Dr. Angela Merkel At Berlin, Germany *Prime Minister of Netherlands At The Hague, Netherlands *Prime Minister of Australia Mr. John Winston Howard At Canberra, Australia *Prime Minister of New Zealand/Aotearoa Ms. Helen Clark At Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa *Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe At Tokyo, Japan *Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Ehud Olmert MK At Jerusalem, Israel *Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Lee shien Loong, At Singapore *Prime Minister of Vanuatu Mr. Ham Lini At Port Vila, Vanuatu *Members of an Annual Meeting of United Nations year 2007 At New York, USA *Secretary-General of the Council of the EU and EU high representative for common foreign and security policy, Mr. Dr. Javier Solana At Brussels, Belgium *Secretary-General of Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Mr. Greg Urwin At Suva, Fiji *Chair of Board of Directors of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) Mr. Martti Ahtisaari At Helsinki, Finland *Mr. Christopher Kit Bond, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Joseph Pitts, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Jim Mc Dermott, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Alcee Hastings, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Jim Leach, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Robert Wexler. United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. Eni Faleomavaega, United States Representative At Washington DC, USA *Mr. General of Police Sutanto, Chief of National Police At Jakarta, Indonesia *Mr. Hendarman Supandji, Attorney General of RI At Jakarta, Indonesia *Chair of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), Procedure 1503 *Mr. Mike Smith At Geneva, Switzerland *Ms. Hina Jilani, Special Representative of the Secretary on the situation of human rights defenders At Geneva, Switzerland *Chair of Human Rights Watch At New York, USA *Mr. Abdul Hakim, National Human Rights Commission of Indonesia At Jakarta, Indonesia *Mr. Usman Hamid, KONTRAS, (Commission for people lost and victim of violence) At Jakarta, Indonesia *Chair of Decolonization Commission of the United Nations At New York, USA *Chair of Amnesty International Southeast Asia Team Ms. Claire Beston At London, United Kingdom *Mr. Larry Cox, Amnesty International USA At New York, USA *Chair of Amnesty International Canada At Ontario, Canada *Chair of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) At Geneva, Switzerland *Members of WFUNA- FMANU At New York, USA *Mr. John M. Miller, ETAN (East Timor and Indonesia Action Network) At New York, USA *Chair of Rand Corporation At California, USA *Legislative Administrator of Transitional Government/FKM of RMS Mr. Simon Saiya At *Ambon, Capitol of RMS, to be known