Riots in West Papua leave 3 killed, others injured

Monday, 20 March 2006, 9:02 pm ---------- Press Release: ---------- TAPOL - The Indonesian Human Rights CampaignRiots in Jayapura, West Papua today leave three Indonesian Police Killed and a number of demonstrators injuredThree Indonesian BRIMOB (paramilitary police) appear to have beenkilled and 8 Papuans have been seriously injured after a violent clashin Jayapura the capital of West Papua today. Those injured include a 5 year old child.This report is compiled based on communication with student activists'and Jayapura residents today.On the second day of demonstrations that caused the blocking of themain road in Jayapura, Indonesian BRIMOB Police have opened fire on the demonstrators. The demonstrators appear then to have attacked theBRIMOB with stones killing three Police officers. Two witness reportseeing three BRIMOB officers lying on the road.The demonstration comprising of West Papuan students had blocked the road outside University of Cenderwasih on Wednesday 15 March 2006.The student demands were: that(i) the Indonesian Army (TNI) and Police be withdrawn from West Papua;(ii) the US based Freeport mine in West Papua should be closed down. During the day the road was blocked and tyres were burnt on the road.The demonstration dispersed during that night.On the next day the demonstrators re-assembled and blocked the roadafter cutting down the trees along the road and lighting more car tyres. A 12:12 noon (Jayapura time) today, the BRIMOB in riot gearmoved in to break up the demonstration.The BRIMOB tried to push the demonstrators off the road and used teargas on the crowd. When the BRIMOB attempted to clear the road more people joined the demonstration and the demonstration did not disperse.The BRIMOB then opened fire on the crowd of demonstrators. Reportsuggests 8 people received bullet wounds. The crowd was reported tohave lay flat on the road while the BRIMOB was shooting.The demonstrators response to this shooting was to attack the BRIMOBPolice. Large stones, were reported to have been thrown at the BRIMOBPolice by the demonstrators in retaliation to the Police actions. After the incident three BRIMOB officers were reported tobe dead lying on the road. ------- PIP News