OBITUARY of Mrs. H. Manuputty-Lalala

After being ill for a year, Mrs. H.Manuputty-Lalala died in the hospital on 23 August in Ambon. Today the burial took place in Kuda Mati 4 o'clock pm local time. --------------------- Mrs H. Manuputty-Lalala is buried on her own real estate. She is the wife of dr. Alexander Hermanus Manuputty who struggles to regain the sovereignty of the already proclaimed Republic of the South Moluccas. --------------------- Since November 2003 he has been living in exile in the United Statesof America. ---------------------- Christine Kakisina-Manuputty(Ambon)Berthy Manuputty(Ambon)Dr.Alexander H.Manuputty(Los Angeles) --------------------- Bron: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ambon/message/46270 --------------------- Aboroe Tanita Uru Wane