ANTARA News May 10 13:06 --------- INDONESIA ELECTED MEMBER OF UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL -------- New York (ANTARA News) - Indonesia has been elected one of 47 members of the newly formed UN Human Rights Council in the first election held at the UN General Assembly here on Tuesday. A total of 63 countries nominated for 47 seats in the council whose resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly on March 15. The election was led by President of the UN General Assembly Jan Eliasson. Indonesia, along with India, the Philippines and Bahrain got a one-year membership that will expire in 2007. They can be re-elected for another term. Under the new council structure, 47 members are elected to the council with a number of allocations based on regional group representation. The other Asian countries selected to sit on the council are Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. Thirteen of the remaining 34 seats are designated for Africa, six for Eastern Europe, eight for Latin America and the Caribbean, and seven for the Western and Other groups. The African countries selected to sit on the council are Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, South Africa, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Gabon, Djibouti, Cameroon, Tunisia, Nigeria and Algiers. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay, Cuba and Ecuador became representatives for Latin America and the Caribbean. Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, and Canada were meanwhile elected for the Western and other groups. While Poland, Czech, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation represented Eastern Europe. Indonesian Permanent Representative to the UN Rezlan Ishar Jenie said the outcome reflected the international community`s appreciation toward and trust in Indonesia`s role in improving and protecting human rights globally. "This also serves as the recognition of progress achieved by Indonesia in its democratization efforts and respect for human rights in the life of statehood and nationhood," he added. As a member of the newly-formed council, he said, Indonesia would stick to its commitment to playing a constructive role in ensuring it to work more effectively than its predecessor, the Human Rights Commission. Indonesia, he added, would continue to play its important role in formulating the framework of the council, mainly in translating the agreed principles in its operation. The council will be based in Geneva, Switzerland, and have its first meeting on June 19. The Council will have an annual three sessions for not less than 10 weeks.